Day #27. Autism and sleep.

Sleep seems to be eluding us at our house.  Both boys have had really disrupted sleep all through this week but last night was cruel.  I have no idea how they continue to function on so little sleep some nights.  Most of the time I fare OK but today has been a huge struggle in the concentration department.

So as I continue to think on how much I’m looking forward to going to bed tonight, I’ll reblog a previous post on sleeping.

“Good night, sleep tight, sweet dream until morning light.”

Day #26. Reblog. Valuable lessons learnt.

This is still one of my favourite T stories – and is worthy of a reblog.  T just has that rogueish way about him, always has that little twinkle in his eye!  This is the story of how we met “Commander Sean”! LOL.  He still lives in our neighbourhood and still keeps a careful eye on things.  His presence and constant ‘surveillance’ has resulted in a significant reduction in roof climbing behaviours and absconding from home. God bless Commander Sean … he is more economical and efficient than most therapies we have pursued.  Gold 😀


Day #24. Reblog. My happy is different from your happy and that’s OK!

We’ve had another relaxing day today, catching up with my folks, my brother, one of my sisters, and their families.  My boys just love their cousins.  We went to a local park with a good walking track and play equipment.  The kids rode their scooters around together and laughed and chatted whilst playing on the playground.  It was a beautiful day and lovely to just watch them all enjoying themselves.

Today’s post is another reblog of a previous post about how everyone needs different things to be happy.  I think it’s important for us to remember that we are all different and that we all find different joys in life … and that’s OK.

happiness 3

Day #22. Reblog. “It’s OK for parents to ask for help!”

Following a significant meltdown on Thursday afternoon at school and a very sleepless night last night, I decided that both boys would stay home today.  They spent the day with my folks and had a lovely time chatting away about their worries and so forth.  We had a very low key afternoon with long soaks in the bath and some Star Wars, and have a calm long weekend planned.  Hopefully, come next week, the wheels will be more ON the tracks than OFF.

Today’s post is a reblog from a previous post – “It’s OK to ask for Help!”  I think we all find it challenging to ask for help because it means to a degree that we have to face our vulnerabilities and admit them to others – a hard task for some.  People do actually love to help where they can – so asking for help can be a gift to yourself and to the person who is helping you out.  We’re all in this together.

Day #21. Reblog. Are you feeding the worry bug?

It’s been a really rough week so I’m afraid the next few days will be a series of reblogs of posts from previous years.  You know how the song goes?  “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em.  Know when to fold ’em”.  It’s time for me to fold ’em.

This reblog focuses on anxiety and some great apps and resources to help your child and your family to manage.