Autism Acceptance 2018

Autism acceptance month is here. I don’t enjoy the politics of this time of year but I think the information below is worth sharing.

Autism Speaks is the organization that started the “Light it up Blue for Autism” campaign. Sadly, they are an organization that believes that Autism is a disease that needs to be “fixed”. Most of their funding goes into research aimed at an Autism cure and little of their money goes to families. Autistic people are not represented on the Board of Autism Speaks. Their logo is a puzzle piece – autistic individuals are people, not puzzle pieces. The colour blue is representative of the thinking that Autism is a “male brain” condition – a theory that has been disproven. There may still be boys diagnosed with autism than girls, but that is largely due to the diagnostic criteria being written for boys and due to a lack of education about girls with autism.

Autism acceptance month is here again. We need to treat autistic people with respect, listen to what they have to say about themselves, and make them welcome in the world. Neurodiversity is spectacular! 💗

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