Inclusion and Diversity.

In years past, I have extensively blogged through the month of April (Autism awareness month) in the hope that sharing our journey would encourage understanding and acceptance of Autism beyond our family unit.  As I read over my posts from the last few years, the journey we have been on takes shape.

I started blogging with a genuine need to want to educate those around us about Autism.  Over time, this then evolved into a want to promote acceptance and understanding.  Today, I am at yet another stage of the journey.  Now my focus is on celebrating diversity – celebrating all of our spectacular differences.   It is not just about Autism now – it’s about creating a culture of inclusion in all contexts, in all age groups, for everyone.

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Our differences are the one thing we all have in common. It is not our differences that divide us or make others feel excluded – it’s our failure to accept, encourage and celebrate diversity that causes division.  We all have vulnerabilities and each of us will experience feeling different, separate, not a part of things at same stage or another.  It all depends on the context – the people, the situation, the environment.  We need to draw on these experiences and use them to ensure that we live inclusion every day, in every context and that we model this for others, especially for our children.

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique.  Just like everyone else!” (Margaret Mead)

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5 thoughts on “Inclusion and Diversity.

  1. My son said to me once “I don’t have autism, you have normal.” I loved that because why do the ‘normal’ folk get to decide autism is a problem.

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  3. I am doing a undergraduate paper to graduate. please assist me with any information. I am raising two children with autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

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