Day #20. Communication with a difference.

I’ve mentioned before that T often chooses odd ways to interact with you.  When he was younger he used to talk to us in his own language and would become very frustrated with us when we didn’t understand him.  At home, he’s also started sending me iMessages to tell me how he’s feeling or what he needs – usually from the comfort of his bed or his retreat space under it!  My favourite is when he sends only emoticons which aren’t always spot on emotionally, and particularly when he sends voice messages!  He often simply sends a voice message reply of  “uh-huh” as a hum of approval or disapproval.  Hilarious!  He has also gone through stages of communicating to us in his own sign language/ gesture which is also very challenging to decipher.  A recent example of this …

After bath time one evening this week, we all went out to the TV together and sat down to watch a bit of “Star Wars – The Force Awakens”.  We were all just settling on the lounge when T clapped his hands at me.  Then, without talking, he started performing this intricate series of movements, somewhat like mime, whilst simultaneously looking at me to ensure I was receiving this “information”.  As always, I made pathetic attempts at interpreting his free form movements which merely incensed T!  Eventually, I asked him to use words to talk to me but he continued with slightly more emphatic gesturing.

'I think he's trying to pawn his air guitar.'

‘I think he’s trying to pawn his air guitar.’

Finally, when he’d had enough of my failure to comprehend – he said (whilst re-enacting the previous gesturing!), “Mum – it’s obvious! I was being you! I was getting the wheat bag from the lounge and then I was putting it into the microwave – and then I turned the microwave on – and then I was VERY surprised when I got the wheat bag out because it was SO hot!  And then – because I was being you – I took the wheat bag out to me – and then you gave me the thumbs up and I said thanks so much, Mum!”  My reply to this was, “So what are you ACTUALLY trying to say, T?”  His response, “Mum, can you please heat up the wheat bag?”  Sheesh 🙂

'Judging by those smoke signals, they know we're here and they're not afraid of us!'

‘Judging by those smoke signals, they know we’re here and they’re not afraid of us!’

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