Day #16. Just for laughs.

Some random quotes from my boys … just for giggles 😀

J: Thanks soooo much, Mum! How did you know I needed help untangling the leads on my headphones? M: I just knew. J: Mum, you are totally side kick!!!

(side kick = psychic!!!!)

(cue teaching moment about psychics!)

Handing J his toasted sandwich for lunch …

M: There you go darl … Merry Christmas! J: Thanks Mum. Merry Christmas to you too.

M: <<muttering to himself as he walked away>> Poor Mum … she’s totally lost it. She actually thinks it’s Christmas!

happy 2


J whilst live partying online with his Xbox friends …

“I LOVE the look of these characters. I just LOVE the art! The “de-sig-ens” are so amazing!”

(“De-sig-ens” = designs!!!)



Driving past a local cemetery the boy’s father commented …

C: Oh look boys! It’s the dead centre of town (bad Dad joke TOTALLY lost on the boys!) And you know boys … you should NEVER go to the cemetery at night …. because that’s when the zombies come out! <<cue maniacal laughter>>

T: Seriously Dad … everyone knows that zombies are extinct … so that is not going to happen.

Boys 3



Teaching the boys about white lies …

M: Generally you should always tell the truth but sometimes telling the absolute truth can hurt someone’s feelings. In that case, it’s OK to tell a white lie.

J: What do you mean, Mum?

M: Well just say someone asked you if you thought they had a big nose … if you said yes … that might hurt their feelings don’t you think? So in that case you might just tell a white lie … and tell the person that you think their nose is not big and that’s it perfect just the way it is.

T: Well if someone asked ME that question I’d just say yes you DO have a big nose … because if they DO have a big nose … then it’s actually wrong to say they don’t … because it’s obvious.

M: But it might make them sad to know that you think their nose is big – it might hurt their feelings.

T: Mum, if that person looked in the mirror they could see for themselves that their nose is big. If I TOLD them their nose was NOT big they would KNOW I’m telling a lie because they would look at their own nose every single day and KNOW that it is big!

M: Sigh …..



We rarely deviate from routines but one day I was unavoidably detained at a school with work, so my newly retired Dad kindly went to get the boys from school. J was not impressed at the change to the usual and expected routine. Later on when he was expressing his dislike for his routine being upended.

J: Mum – I really love GrandBob and I really like his face … but not on Thursdays!! I like seeing GrandBob’s face on Wednesdays … Wednesday is GrandBob’s day! That’s the day I like his face the best!”


happy 4

2 thoughts on “Day #16. Just for laughs.

  1. These are just priceless. So good to have hem written down to share wth the kids later. Xxx

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