Day #9 The ‘norm’ should be kindness.

Amen to this message from a fellow blogger – Respectfully Connected!

respectfully connected quote

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect by others whether they have a disability or not. 

In the case of autism, what message does it send to an autistic person if we constantly applaud others for being ‘kind’ and ‘thoughtful’ towards them?  It communicates to the autistic person that they are somehow to be pitied, that they are a hindrance, a nuisance and that somehow they should be grateful for this show of nice behaviour towards them.  This is so very wrong.

The ‘norm’ should be niceness and respect to all people.  This should be the expected behaviour.  It should be modelled for our children and should be supported by both moral and legal law.  If we could all teach our children to respect one another the world will become a far more accepting, nurturing and safe place to live.

For another point of view please read this blog post by Respectfully Connected.

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