Day #7 The great fruit and vegetable fiasco!

When Master T knows he’s correct … he is emphatic and relentless at ensuring that everyone is clear and have their facts straight and accurate!  Neurotypical peers for the most part seem to be able to let go and move on … but T cannot leave these things unresolved.  This behaviour is termed perseveration.

Perseveration often involves repetitive behaviour which generally persists part a point when it is reasonable to stop.  This can often present as rigid behaviour; continuing to talk on a topic even when the conversation is finished;  not being able to move on from an activity or from feelings; struggling to shift their attention from their point of focus onto something new. A brief example below …

T and I ducked into a small, local fruit and vegetable shop before school in order to grab a few items for school lunches. As we left the shop…

T: Mum, did you see that naughty boy in there?

M: No! I didn’t! What was he doing?

T: He was moving fruit!

M: Oh really? I wonder why he was doing that?

T: It was about the eggplants.

M: What about them?

T: Well eggplants are a fruit, NOT a vegetable!  The eggplants were with the vegetables but they are NOT a vegetable! They are fruit!

M: Oh! So what did the boy do?

T: He moved all the eggplants over to the other side of the shop with all the other fruit!

M: So you seem to know a lot about this T!

T: Mum – you’re always blaming me!

M: I’m not blaming you, I’m simply asking questions.

T: Well … you might know the boy … well … you probably do know him … well … oh ok Mum, it was me!  But REALLY Mum … that man’s shop only HAS fruit and vegetables in it! Surely he should KNOW that eggplants do NOT belong with the vegetables!

eggplant 2

This also applies to eggplants 😀





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