Day #6 Parents supporting Parents

At the start of the year I took on the role of President for ABIQ – Autism Behaviour Intervention Queensland.  This not for profit organisation has been serving families living with autism for nearly 20 years.  ABIQ has an extensive toy and resource library, conducts seminars and workshops for families, and has a parent hotline for phone support for families.

Sadly, ABIQ has recently been advised by our major sponsor that they are unable to continue fully funding us.  ABIQ does not receive any government assistance so we rely on donations, memberships, grants and corporate sponsorships to keep this really worthwhile organisation afloat.  This is at present proving to be a challenge.

So given all this, today was very exciting because today ABIQ received a $2500 grant from the Kedron Wavell Services Club which will go a long way to helping us continue to provide a service to our families.  We are really grateful to Kedron Wavell for their support of community groups and for their hospitality today.  Happy days!

abiq kedron wavell
Receiving our grant from Kedron-Wavell Services Club (from left: K-W staff member, Sharon, Libby, Andrea)

Another truly amazing and special part of today was spending time with two very amazing ladies.  Sharon Horan (Secretary ABIQ) and Andrea Taylor Ford (Treasurer ABIQ) are both parents to young people with autism.  They have walked the road that so many of us journey and they are passionate advocates for their children and for all autism families.  I would like to thank both of these ladies for their drive and commitment to ABIQ, and for their commitment to helping other families along the road.  You are two truly incredible ladies doing truly meaningful and inspirational work.  Thanks very sincerely to you both.

If you’re interested in learning more, if you’re considering a donation, have contacts for corporate sponsorship or if you are a family needing support, please visit .

 PS ABIQ are in the process of updating the website as our mission has been revised. ABIQ recognises that different approaches work for different children and their families. In response to this we are moving away from an ABA focus. Work in progress.


3 thoughts on “Day #6 Parents supporting Parents

  1. Two of the key criticisms of Autism Speaks, which are why they are seeing a huge drop in popularity, are that they don’t involve autistic people in their organisation and have no autistic people on their board. Secondly they endorse ABA, which I haven’t heard a single autistic person endorse, including autistic people who were forced through ABA as children. There’s a list of resources from autistic perspectives at this link if you’re interested in reading.

    I sit on both sides of the fence in a way, being on the spectrum but also having a friend who’s a mother to a beautiful son with autism, and loving him as well. I wish there was more support and understanding for parents, and I want to support anything that’s started by parents or the wider autistic community, but at the same time I can’t get behind any organisation that doesn’t first and foremost support and care for autistic people and consider their voices.

    • Hi Nadia
      Part of my wanting to become involved in ABIQ is that they are wanting to change their mission. In the past, they have tended to be ABA focused due to this being s priority for committee members at that time. They are now wanting to expand that view as they are aware that families need more than one option.

      I myself believe in an eclectic approach to therapy and know that different things work for different children. I hope that resolves your concerns. 🌸

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