Psychiatrist’s appointmentΒ 

Psychiatrist’s appointment yesterday.P: J – do you know what kind of doctor I am?

J: Yes. You will talk to me about my ASEIP (i.e. ASD) and my medication.

P: Sorry? What do you mean?

Me: He means ASD!

P: I see! Yes J – I help children with worries, thoughts and I help kids with their overall mental health. 

J: We are going to talk about medication <<I had told him this prior to aptmt>>

P: Yes. I’m a medical doctor and I also help kids with their mental health.

J: Yes – you are a medical doctor and you help kids with mental health.

P: Sorry? What did you say?

Me: He just repeated what you said – he likes to do that!

P: J – do you know the medical term is for liking to repeat what people say? <<echolalia>>

J: Yes! it’s called … being a parrot!!

<<cue laughter>>

P: Well yes! But it’s also called echolalia because it’s like an echo when you repeat what is said.

J: Yes! But we just call it being a parrot!

<<lesson learnt about rigid thinking’>>

P: So J, do you know what medicines you are taking at the moment?

J: Yes! I take two green and white ones, and one white one that looks like a bullet.

P: Well now that you’re 10, I think you should learn the correct names for these medications. The green and white tablets are called Lovan.

J: Yes – but we just call them green and white tablets.

P: Ok. And the white one is called Concerta.

J: Yes – but we just call that one a bullet.

<<lesson learnt by P in rigidity + also … in wasting her time!!!>>


This psychiatrist is the best one we have ever had. Finally we’ve struck gold. She has a great sense of humour, she’s relatable, she listens and isn’t rigid, and she’s great with the boys and me! What a blessing! She and I had a good chortle about the exchange. J announced – ” Well thanks so much. I think that’s all fixed now. Looks like we are finished!” When I suggested that it was not finished and that he needed to wait, he hopped up on the bed, put a pillow over his head and turned his back to us! 😜 Nothing vague about the message sent there!! Dear little man. Great medical support makes all the difference in the world … to the whole family, not just the patient!!