Day #28 An unexpected surprise … a radio program interview!

Today I got a message from a lovely friend asking if I’d like to participate in a radio interview about Autism. Of course, I excitedly said yes but was extra delighted to then discover that my intellectual crush, Dr Tony Attwood, would also be speaking on the same program. Eek! In our Autism household, people like Dr Attwood , Dr Temple Grandin and Tim and Judy Sharpe (their TED talk is amazing!! ) are our rock stars, our inspiration.

Today’s radio program today grew out of a discussion on yesterday’s program about Tyronne Sevilla – a young Townsville boy with autism who faces deportation due to his diagnosis, because he is a “burden on the system”. Today builds on this discussion and asks the question, “Is Autism a gift?” Dr Tony Attwood starts talking at about 3 minutes and I talk at 10 minutes.

I know it’s self- indulgent … but above is a picture of Dr Tony Attwood and I at a conference last year. I will admit I have another couple of these pictures taken with him over the years but this is the most recent one. To him, I’m sure I’m just another passionate mother and teacher which is understandable … but disappointing! He approved this picture in person so I hope he won’t mind my sharing this picture here.  We didn’t even speak or interact today … but simply being on the same program was enough for me.  Some people stalk rock singers and movie stars … my hero is Dr Tony Attwood.

Elly Bradfield … thanks so much for your invitation to participate in today’s discussion.  You’ve made my year – talking on the same program as Dr Attwood AND the opportunity to talk about a subject I’m so passionate about.  Thanks lovely lady xx

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