Day #12 Want to learn more about Autism?

When James was at AEIOU, the Helping Children with Autism Package HCWA was introduced in Australia. This package is an Australian Government initiative which recognises the importance of an early diagnosis and early intervention for children with autism. The package entitles children up to the age of 7 with a diagnosis of Autism to access therapy, medical assistance and early intervention services by allocating an Autism Advisor to the child who helps the parents to utilise a total of $12000 over 2 years. This funding ensures that every child with Autism has access to specialist services and is able to get the help and support they need.

Another part of the HCWA package was the formation of a consortium called “Positive Partnerships”. Positive Partnerships aims to provide support to school aged children with autism by providing professional development for schools, teachers and support staff, and also to parents and carers. They have a wonderful and FREE online learning portal available to everyone and they also regularly offer workshops around the country for both professionals and parents/carers.

So if you’d like to learn more about Autism, please use this wonderful resource and share it with others in your communities as well. A number of child care facilities, early intervention providers and schools are completing online webinars as a group, and are slowly working their way through the online materials available. What a brilliant way to provide professional development to your staff for no cost. Or perhaps you have family friends or grandparents who would like to increase their understanding of Autism? Why not refer them to Positive Partnerships also?

Please visit the Positive Partnerships website and have a look at everything they have to offer. I’d love to hear some feedback from those who visit the site.

Find Positive Partnerships at or visit their Facebook page


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