A note from James about dogs


Hello everyone. This is James. Today I want to share one of my best stories.

A long time ago we got a dog called Scout. He was very sad and worried so he went to live on my mum’s friends farm. I really missed him. It was sad that our house was not a good place for him.

Last weekend we went all the way to Dalby to see a cute puppy. She went to sleep on my lap. She followed me everywhere. When I got there I just saw one puppy and there were four more. I liked Pepper because she was the first dog to sit in my lap. She thought my lap was comfy. We hope to pick her up in two weeks. We will call her Pepper.


Note from Libby:

At the start of the year we got a rescue dog called Scout.  He was the most beautiful dog and the boys and he had a mutual admiration society.  What we didn’t know is that Scout had chronic anxiety. We enlisted the help of a dog trainer/psychologist and after a few weeks they recommended he be rehomed.  He wasn’t well and he required constant supervision.  We just couldn’t give him what he needed to thrive.  The boys were devastated and we were all traumatised.  Since then we’ve been researching and have sought advice from a number of people regarding the selection of breed etc.

Pepper is half miniature poodle and half Bichon Frise.  This is a breed that doesn’t tend to bark.  They don’t shed and they are good with kids and other animals. Pepper’s parents both have mellow, affectionate natures.  Pepper is really gentle and cuddly. Tom loved them all but James just loved that one little girl. She kept following James everywhere and would lie on his shoes.  Scout is thriving where he is which is a blessing. The boys did so love him.  It really would be nice to have a happy ending for everyone.

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