Autism Awareness Day #25


Some special Thomas moments :


Tom has been an extremely reluctant writer. He is now in Year 1 and is 6 years old.  Tom has loved school since the beginning.  He loves the stimulation and he loves the kids … he has disliked the handwriting though!  He has struggled with his fine motor skills, his visual perception skills and also with dysgraphia which is a handwriting condition.  In the last few weeks however he’s really started showing an interest in writing which is very exciting … even if the content isn’t perhaps as we might like!  The translation of the above notice on his bedroom door  – “Don’t come in.  I don’t feel like it. If you come in I will punch you.”  I especially like the “I don’t feel like it!” part!!!!  Writing is writing … I’m just happy for him to be writing!


Another memorable Tom story occurred just recently. Tom has a tendency to push his anger right down and then wreak his revenge at a later time.  Last week he had been in trouble with me for being belligerent.  Some time later I was soaking in the spa bath, minding my own business, when Tom swooped in with his iPad and took a photograph of me in all my spa-loving glory!  I sent admonishing comments his way as he fled in haste.  He returned some moments later to reveal that he had used his “Chatter Kid” app to animate my pictured mouth and had recorded his voice over the top stating, “My name is Mum and I am being very rude to Tom.  Rude, rude, rude!  I am a very mean Mummy!”


Tom is very much like his father. Tom is our resident Comedian.  He can make a joke out of any situation and has a great sense of fun.  Every morning on the way to school he entertains us with games of “Eye Spy” in which he never follows the rules of the game.  He constantly references toilets and bums – and other such quality topics which of course sends both boys into complete hysterics.

Tom is a great brother. He really understands James and is often the only one who can divert a meltdown.  A silly dance, song or ridiculous antics of some kind always offer a great distraction when James is upset.


Tom asked me lots of questions about why James gets so sad at school. He understands it and he adores his brother.  So for the last two mornings, Tom has walked James into school.  I observed him actually take James’ hand and then pat his back on the first morning.  Yesterday he simply walked by his side.  This is noteworthy because normally as soon as he’s got his backpack on, Tom just tears off at the speed of light, running up the hill to the playground.  He is such a kind and intuitive little man.

Tom has had his own struggles with OCD/repetitive behaviours, ADHD and anxiety.  He has responded really well to psychology sessions which is just wonderful, and he has also responded beautifully to low levels of ADHD and anxiety medication.  At present he is in a really good place and it’s lovely to see him gaining confidence and enjoying life to the full.

From the beginning, Tom has been such a gift to James and an absolute gift to Chris and I. He is growing into such a beautiful little boy.  Tom is a rogue at heart so I’m sure he will always keep us entertained with his shenanigans but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  In Tom’s words, “I’m just Tom.  This is how Jesus made me!” 



3 thoughts on “Autism Awareness Day #25

  1. I hope you keep a copy of this blog for his21st ! It’s beautiful …. As no doubt is he….. I’m a bit like you Libby ….one full on, the other much easier to get along with….both with their own challenges….but wouldn’t swap either for anything in the world! Thank you for your beautiful posts!


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