Autism Awarenes Day #17


James and Thomas attend a local Catholic school. They both just love learning about God and the life of Jesus.  They love the Catholic rituals and the stories from the bible.  They have different takes on the whole religion thing though.

James is very concrete and straight forward. It is as it is.  He receives the information, and reads the stories, and enjoys the rules and routines of the prayers.  James doesn’t ask many questions about heaven and faith. His line of enquiry or concern is more about mortality.

James – “Granny, when I’m a big boy I’m going to have a job at Masters <<his favourite shop>> Oh … <<hang dog look>> but you’ll be dead by then won’t you Granny? That’s sad!”

James – “Granny, I won’t have to miss you when you go to heaven … I’ll just send you emails! Do they have email in heaven?”

Tom on the other hand asks ceaseless questions.

“Jesus walked on this earth and he fixed people up and did all these great things. So why does everyone talk about God all the time when Jesus actually walked on this earth and actually did stuff?”

“Can all the angels in heaven look down on me because I really don’t want stranger angels looking at me all the time?”

“Is there a floor in heaven? How can angels look down on us if there is a floor?”

“Is there a toilet in heaven because I’ll probably have to wee!”

“Mum, what were the names of all the soldiers that arrested Jesus? I want their actual names. <<of course – I didn’t know the answer>> Well Mum, you just need to go and Google it then!”

When learning about private and public behaviours and that private behaviour was for his bedroom – he asked … “Would I have a bedroom in heaven because I can only do private things in my bedroom? And if I do have a bedroom will Jesus knock before he comes in?”

When Tom was sprung chewing his own toe nails Chris and I expressed our disgust. Tom’s response – “It’s just my life! This is just how Jesus made me!”

“Mum sorry but you are NOT the boss of this earth, Jesus and God are the bosses!”

And you thought theology was hard!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Autism Awarenes Day #17

  1. Absolutely beautiful, my favourite this month! Your image has always been ‘my idea’ of God watching over me & often when I see ‘that’ on my driving travels around the place I sing out “Hi & Thank you” Happy Easter Chick!!!! V xx

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