Day 23. Autism awareness month continues …,

Day 23.  The journey continues ….


Today’s post is a shout out to all the amazing ASD families that I work and play with.  These are a truly inspiring and wonderful group of people.


Amongst the people I know there are a number of parents who homeschool because their children’s well being and ability to thrive necessitates it.  These families make great personal sacrifices in order to provide their children with an education which meets their needs.  Many of our children struggle to attend school full time so a huge number of these families manage early pick ups in order to meet their child’s needs.  Schooling can be very difficult for children with ASD and there are so many considerations to be made.  Hats off to these amazing families who make these often very difficult choices and make huge personal sacrifices to care for their children.


Myself and a group of gorgeous girls run a local support group for families with children with differences.  This group is called MyTime.  We have regular plays in the park, parent information sessions, social opportunities and educational seminars.  MyTime is a governmentally funded program to support families with children with differences.  We now have over 70 families on the books which is an astounding achievement.  There are 32 MyTime groups in Queensland and the majority of these have a membership of 8-12!  It goes to show what a huge need there is locally for groups to support these families.  We have a Facebook group if anyone is interested in finding out more – MyTime Toowoomba.  As I’ve mentioned before, I also run a Facebook group named “Toowoomba Autism Noticeboard”.  We have nearly 300 members.  It’s a great support for families with children in our area with ASD. 


I am always blown away by how educated our parents are about their children’s condition.  These families read the latest research, books and ensure they are aware of all the latest treatment directions for Autism.  I have attended many seminars with parents from our group and am always so impressed by their level of knowledge and understanding of Autism.  I also appreciate that our parents are so willing to share their knowledge and experiences with one another.  It makes a big difference to have people who are a little further down the track than you providing you with some direction and support.


I want to thank each and every one of these families for the incredible support, love and comradeship that they have extended to me and my family, and to one another.  We are so blessed to be sharing this road with some truly beautiful, quality people and their magnificent children.

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