Day 19. Autism Awareness month continues …

Today’s post will be brief as my husband and I have a rare evening together without our children and we intend to make it special and relaxed.  It’s exciting!  Thanks Mum and Dad xxx

I was thinking today about all the funny moments I’ve had with my boys and how much joy I get from them.  We can sometimes tend to focus on the challenging aspects of raising children with autism but there are so many rewarding aspects to it as well.

We had to work so very, very hard to get James to speak so that even now, I am deeply appreciative of every word he creates.  Tom was such an incredibly reluctant sleeper, so that now I am so deeply grateful for the ease with which he goes to sleep every night (albeit thanks to medication!)  Toileting for James was such a traumatic and overwhelming learning experience that I was incredulous and enamoured of the ease with which Tom conquered it!  I am incredibly grateful for each small obstacle we overcome and am appreciative for these accomplishments every day.  Every parent is proud of the achievements of their children however I think when the challenges along the way are as enormous as they are with children on the spectrum, you appreciate the process more and celebrate even the smallest of achievements!

I just love the way my boys look at the world.  James referred to his undies as a “little cage for his testicles” from a young age! Priceless!  James also asks lots of questions about regular things such as school sports days.  He asks – “What is relay all about mum?” and other such questions.  He finds school performances equally amusing asking why parents would get any joy whatsoever from watching their children do a dance.  He can see no point to waving when he’s already said goodbye with his words and he can see no point to things like ‘revision’ – if he knows it, he knows it!  Rules are rules, so if the rule is to go to bed at 7pm then that’s what James will do and if the rule states not to leave your room he will not – even if he’s vomiting!  My children are in bed and asleep by 7pm every night without fail.  How many parents can say that? 🙂

Thomas is the most exhausting and relentless of question askers.  He asks questions out of anxiety but also because he needs to know the answers to things.  Recently I took him to the Catholic Cathedral in town as I was having a rehearsal there.  He said, “Wow Mum – this is an awesome castle! Who lives here?”  Fortunately he didn’t say it loudly enough for the priest to hear that my child was a heathen! 🙂  We then toured around the church and came upon a statue of Mary holding a dying Jesus.  “Who’s that guy Mum? And who’s that lady? What is she crying about? Why is he lying like that? Is he dead? That’s really gross mum!”  We then got to the rear of church where a religious person had been buried under the floor.  Tom was really curious about this and asked fifty million questions about it.  I was relieved when his father came to collect him! Later that night I was removing a large bush tick which he had picked up at mum and dads place.  Again, the questions began … “Mum, is this tick going to suck out all my blood? Are you sure it won’t?  Because if this tick sucks all my blood out, I’ll die.  {{now hysterical!}}  And if I die Mum, PLEASE don’t bury me under the floor of the castle with that old dead guy!!!!”  We laughed about that one for days.

The boys are a mischievous pair and whilst they are certainly challenging, they bring so much joy to my life and soooo much laughter.  They are interesting, adventurous, curious and so very loving.  I could not imagine life without them in it!  

On that note, I’m off to spend some quality time with my husband.  It is incredibly quiet here … best make the most of it!

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