April 8th. Autism awareness month continues …

April 8th.  Autism Awareness month continues.


Recently, Chris and I thought we’d give the boys a try at Karate.  Chris was involved in Karate and was even a black belt as a younger man and we thought the discipline, concentration and exercise involved in karate would be helpful for both boys.  The boys love all kinds of rough housing and since Star Wars and the Superhero phase hit at our house, any kind of fighting has been appealing.  So we thought we’d give it a go.


We headed off to the school where the Karate class was being held on a Saturday morning.  It started badly.  Many of the other children were wearing a Gi (karate uniform).  The boys had been instructed to wear loose clothing and that they would earn their Gi after attending six lessons.  This was unsatisfactory to James.  He was beside himself and could not move on.  Despite our best efforts at planning and thinking ahead to ensure a successful morning, one little thing and everything went to hell in a handbasket!


The class began and Chris and Tom headed off into line to begin training.  Tom did quite well actually. I was really proud of him.  He was concerned about where I was but he was managing.  Chris looked like he hadn’t missed a lesson since childhood and was in the ‘karate zone’.  I remained in the back row with James who was feebly doing the moves with his head under the back of my shirt and his arms and legs flailing about on either side of my body! He was crying!  It’s at times like these that you really appreciate (NOT!!!) the audience which gathers to watch your child and give reproachful looks from their self righteous perches.  We gave it a red hot try but by about the 20 minute mark James was hysterical, I felt like I’d run a marathon, Tom had taken to the floor saying dramatically, “That’s enough for now Mum. It’s the weekend. I just want to go home and have a peace of quiet time with my toys!” and Chris was still in the ‘karate zone’.  Sometimes you just have to quit while you’re ahead.  So again I suffered the indignity of a less than gracious departure on my own … Chris being in the ‘karate zone’ only registered some time later that we were in fact … gone!  Maybe we can try again in a few months … or years … or never!!!!!


3 thoughts on “April 8th. Autism awareness month continues …

  1. Well done Libby, James and Tom. You have to try things to see if you like them. Hold your head high, you are a great mum …. Not all mums are willing to put themselves out there for their kids!

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