April 6th, 2013. Autism awareness month continues …

April 6th.  Autism Awareness month continues.

Both of the boys have an unusually high pain tolerance – it comes with the territory.   More than once, one or either of them has perforated an ear drum before I’ve known anything of an ear infection.  As they are getting older, with support they are improving in terms of letting us know they are unwell however there are a few exceptions.


James has a really special and close relationship with my Dad.  They just ‘get’ each other and it helps that my Dad is calm, even-tempered and seemingly unflappable.  The boys both regard dad’s doctoring abilities highly.  They both regularly go on hospital rounds with Dad and whenever they are unwell they want to ring “GrandBob” straight away.  Tom thinks GrandBob is “magic”.


One evening at about 6pm Dad turned up on the doorstep with his doctor’s bag and stethoscope around his neck.  I was happy to see him and invited him in for a cuppa however he told me he was actually here on official business.  Unbeknownst to me, James had sent Dad a text message on my mobile phone.  It went something like this – Dear Robert (very official!). I have a sore frot (throat). Cod (could) you please come and see me? Love James.  As it turned out, after a full examination from GrandBob, it was revealed that James did have a very sore ‘frot’.  I felt so guilty.  I said to James that he really needed to tell me when he was sick.  His reply – “Why Mum? You can’t fix my sore ‘frot’. You’re not a doctor like GrandBob!”  Well, I never!!!  Even at times when James has been really distressed with an unknown illness, or generally it’s just that I suspect something must be wrong because his behaviour deteriorates; Dad is always able to extract the right information from him.  Bless Dad – I don’t know what I’d do without him!  It’s frustrating though – so frustrating!!!


James has had a lot of trouble with his iron levels.  His diet is very limited and he dislikes meat – with the exception of chicken breast which incidentally has NO iron in it!!  I suspected that he was struggling with his iron levels for some time but his ice crunching addiction got to such proportions (he was requesting upwards of 5 cups of ice per afternoon!!!) that James’ doctor recommended that he have a bloodtest.  Craving ice is one of the signs of iron deficiency! Did you know that?


So the
bloodtest! Eek! The last time James had a bloodtest it took 6 adults to hold him down. It was traumatic for him and for everyone else in the room.  I chatted to Dad about it and Dad suggested that he take him on his own.  It was hard for me to let go in a sense, but I knew of course that if anyone could manage this, Dad could!  So off they went to Sullivan and Nicolades together.  Dad explained what was going to happen and why it was important to have the bloodtest.  James just sat on Dad’s lap and pressed his check into Dad’s and voila! Done!  I then received a text message from Dad saying :  Mission accomplished.  Sticker, balloon and bravery certificate from S&N well earned. Love James and BobBob xxx   How fantastic!  My heart swelled with love, gratitude and relief.  Thanks for the millionth time Dad!!!

4 thoughts on “April 6th, 2013. Autism awareness month continues …

  1. Grand bob is very special. And it is lovely to hear that he has such a good relationship with boys. Grand bob helped me take my class of Intellectually impaired children on an excursion way back in the 70’s. He hasn’t changed

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