Post 32 2012

Oh my goodness … now you’ve all managed to get me weepy … it’s rare but it has been known to happen! 😉  I’m sure you haven’t heard the last of me … but it does feel like the end of something in that the month is finished.  Today was the BEST day to end autism awareness month on because the boys and I went back to swimming lessons today after a little hiatus from it!  It went sooooo well!!!!!  The boy’s differences are never so evident as when they’re in the pool.  Tom’s all laid back, unlikely to ever die from over-exertion and always looking for the joke! James is all focus, obedience and “eyes on the teacher, Tom!”  James was so excited he didn’t know whether to flap, splash or kick! The staff at the Aquatic centre all commented on how much he’d grown up and how well he was managing the return to the pool.  Bless them!  James coped beautifully and was a delight even when we got home! What a tremendous end to autism awareness month!

One thing I did forget to talk about … I can’t believe I did! Is James’ latest obsession with tanks.  We’ve had lots of obsessive phases – wheelie bins (everyone HAD to have two bins out on the kerb or he would lose his mind!), fire engines, laundries, Star Wars (this is ongoing), Power Rangers and now tanks!  This obsessional and repetitive interest in something specific is very common to those on the Autistic spectrum.  This love of tanks has been borne out of watching his computer game addicted father playing tank games.  James knows all the tanks by name.  He has learnt how to read the tank names and he’s able to identify which country they belong to as he’s memorised the flags.  He has read many books about various tanks and knows all kinds of information about them.  I have some footage of him sharing a picture he drew of a tank over the holidays.  It’s pretty priceless … I’ll post it later in the week!

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