Post 23 2012

Autism awareness month continues …

I’m sure that those of you who are parents understand that with parenthood comes a number of restrictions.  There are restrictions on your time, on your person, on your interests, on your freedom.  With autism, this restriction is even greater.

I am fortunate to be able to work school hours, and I am able to drop off and pick up the boys from school.  I am also extremely blessed to have the support of both sets of Grandparents who pick up for me twice a week after school.  Others are not so lucky.  I have many friends who are unable to work at all due to the fact that they are constantly on call to the school and their child.  It’s hard to go away or leave the kids overnight because this alters the routine for the child which causes stress.  A number of these kids don’t enjoy holidays because they dislike being away from their everyday, routine environment and in the same way, they don’t enjoy a parent being away or having extra people in the house.  So you can imagine how hard life is for many of my friends who have husbands that live and/or work away and are running the household on their own for the main part. 

We always go to Bribie Island for our holidays, to the surf side named Woorim.  It’s quiet and family friendly.  We stay at the same place and each time we follow the same routine every day.  It’s wonderful now but we’ve had to learn this the hard way.  One year we booked a few days at Currumbin and it was hell on earth! James had a massive sensory meltdown on the beach the first day and refused to go back to the beach EVER again!  He was really stressed out the whole time.  I recall that Chris and I drank a lot that holiday 😉 

Now we’ve got a holiday routine that works, so we stick to it! This way everyone gets a break!  We also go to a little farm stay place outside Kingaroy once a year for a few days. There’s lots of space and we stay in our own little house. There are very few other people around and there’s a lot to do.  This is also an enjoyable break.  The boys adore farms and the outdoors.  I do however know families who need to leave their children with respite carers and go away on holidays without their children.  I also know families who have to split their holidays between mum and dad, so that one parent can remain behind to care for the ASD child.  It’s hard, isn’t it? Some families do it really tough!

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